Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Five Tips for Beginning Boaters

A graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology, Harold Bishop is co-founder and managing partner of Allurént Corporation in St. Augustine, Florida. Outside of his work with the Florida company, Harold Bishop enjoys boating. For those new to boating, below are five essential steps to take before heading out on the water:

1. Check the weather. Weather can change very quickly on the water. Always double-check the weather before heading out.

2. Dress appropriately. Dress in layers in case the weather changes or you end up staying out longer than anticipated.

3. Alert others. Let at least one person onshore know that you’ll be on the water. If something goes wrong, it’s important that someone know where to look for you.

4. Pack a first-aid kit. Getting to a hospital from the water isn’t easy, so every boater should have a first-aid kit onboard. The kit should contain bandages, gauze, and tape.

5. Secure valuables. To prevent cell phones, car keys, and wallets from getting wet or falling overboard, make sure to secure these items.