Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Goals of Reconstructing 9 Aviles Street

Construction helmets
The co-founder of Allurent, a provider of systems control and engineering services in Florida, Harold Bishop has been working in the process optimization, control system configuration, and custom application development sector for more than three decades. Alongside this, Harold Bishop also owns Red Moon Properties, LLC. Also based in Florida, this company is involved in the reconstruction of a Spanish mission building on 9 Aviles Street.

Built in 1911, 9 Aviles Street has been owned by dozens of businesses over the years. This includes St. Johns Motor Company, Rollins Electric and Welding, and St. George Electric. The property was purchased by Red Moon Properties, LLC, in 2018, and reconstruction on the building began in 2019.

The goal of reconstructing the building is to ultimately preserve the structure. Rather than demolishing the building entirely, the project involves re-creating portions of the property that have vanished over time. In doing so, the company hopes to retain the building’s authenticity and history, along with its original aesthetics and craftsmanship. This appeals to both visitors and pedestrians in the area, and helps the community celebrate the past.

Red Moon Properties also has the goal of conserving building materials by reconstructing the building at 9 Aviles Street instead of demolishing it. Since the base of the structure already exists, the company hopes to have a decreased need for new construction materials. Further, it plans of limiting construction on the project, thus limiting both hazardous material and demolition debris.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Recent Updates for Historical St. Augustine Building

A Florida-based systems engineering consultant and commercial real estate developer, Harold David Bishop operates Red Moon Properties, LLC. Among his activities, Harold Bishop assisted in the acquisition of a historical building at 9 Aviles Street in St. Augustine, Florida. The property is currently being renovated as a destination for quality food, music, and art.

The building has a long history beginning in 1911 and has served as the home of numerous St. Augustine businesses, including City Electric, St. Johns Motor Company, Thomas Motor Company, and Rollins Electric and Welding. A mix of local businesses used the space starting in 1965 and leading up to Red Moon Properties' acquisition the following year.

2018 brought a series of landmark achievements to the building at 9 Aviles Street. On July 11, The City of St. Augustine, in coordination with the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB), issued a Certificate of Demolition to improve the building's façade. The public participated in a Q&A series centered on the history of the building and its structural soundness, the results of which were published on www.9avilesstreet.com from July 12-16. On the 16th, the building had its "right of way" permit approved. Most recently, the plans for design development were presented to the public on October 2 on the official website.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Five Tips for Beginning Boaters

A graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology, Harold Bishop is co-founder and managing partner of Allurént Corporation in St. Augustine, Florida. Outside of his work with the Florida company, Harold Bishop enjoys boating. For those new to boating, below are five essential steps to take before heading out on the water:

1. Check the weather. Weather can change very quickly on the water. Always double-check the weather before heading out.

2. Dress appropriately. Dress in layers in case the weather changes or you end up staying out longer than anticipated.

3. Alert others. Let at least one person onshore know that you’ll be on the water. If something goes wrong, it’s important that someone know where to look for you.

4. Pack a first-aid kit. Getting to a hospital from the water isn’t easy, so every boater should have a first-aid kit onboard. The kit should contain bandages, gauze, and tape.

5. Secure valuables. To prevent cell phones, car keys, and wallets from getting wet or falling overboard, make sure to secure these items.